what is insurance

What is Insurance?

What is Insurance? What Insurance Should I Buy? Insurance is a very effective method of risk management and mitigation. An insurance is a contract between an individual or entity and an insurance company or a financial institution. You can protect […]

make money online earn money online

Make Money Online: Ideas to Get Started

How to Earn Money Online? The internet is a great leveler. It presents opportunity to everyone without discrimination. This is your stage to make it big. Do you know how to set up an online business? No? Don’t worry, we […]

best new year resolutions

Best New Year Resolutions for Investors

2020 was an ‘interesting’ year. World got struck by a pandemic, bustling cities were quietened by lockdowns, masks become a new fashion accessory, sanitizers became commonplace – it’s all been so surreal. While for those who had a 2020 resolution […]

Should I Invest in Bitcoin?

Should I Invest in Bitcoin? Should I invest in bitcoin? this is the most popular question I get from investors these days. I am always in favor of diversifying the portfolio within and even outside of the stock market with […]