Stock Market Today: 23 Nov 2021

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stock market today

What Happened in The Stock Market Today: 23 Nov 2021?

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in the stock market today, 23 Nov 2021, around the world.

US Stock Market Indices

NamePricePrice Change% Change
NASDAQ Composite$15,775.14-$79.62-0.50%
Dow Jones Industrial Average$35,813.80$194.550.55%
S&P 500$4,690.70$7.760.17%
Source: Yahoo Finance

International Stock Market Indices

NamePricePrice Change% Change
HANG SENG INDEXHK$24,651.58-HK$299.76-1.20%
Nikkei 225¥29,774¥280.09%
FTSE 100£7,266.69£11.230.15%
S&P BSE SENSEX₹58,664.33₹198.440.34%
Source: Yahoo Finance

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Which Stocks Went Up Today?

SymbolNamePrice (Intraday)Change% Change
TIIAYTelecom Italia S.p.A.5.620.6112.18%
DLTRDollar Tree, Inc.144.7112.159.17%
BURLBurlington Stores, Inc.285.5522.558.57%
XPEVXPeng Inc.51.303.918.25%
CLRContinental Resources, Inc.49.503.788.27%
OGZPYPublic Joint Stock Company Gazprom9.130.657.67%
APAAPA Corporation28.471.947.31%
CVECenovus Energy Inc.12.830.796.56%
OXYOccidental Petroleum Corporation31.921.916.36%
WDCWestern Digital Corporation60.533.606.32%
EOGEOG Resources, Inc.91.765.055.82%
SJMThe J. M. Smucker Company133.637.195.69%
PBR-APetróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras9.900.545.77%
DVNDevon Energy Corporation43.442.305.59%
MROMarathon Oil Corporation16.510.855.43%
PBRPetróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras10.290.525.32%
HESHess Corporation81.583.975.12%
Source: Yahoo Finance

Which Stocks Went Down Today?

SymbolNamePrice (Intraday)Change% Change
SOFISoFi Technologies, Inc.17.81-0.94-5.01%
AMCAMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.39.16-2.08-5.04%
TOSTToast, Inc.41.50-2.22-5.08%
YMMFull Truck Alliance Co. Ltd.12.38-0.68-5.21%
PTCPTC Inc.109.72-6.21-5.36%
TDOCTeladoc Health, Inc.103.23-5.85-5.36%
PCORProcore Technologies, Inc.78.33-4.87-5.85%
GTLBGitLab Inc.94.79-7.76-7.57%
BEKEKE Holdings Inc.21.30-1.85-7.99%
DASHDoorDash, Inc.184.31-17.15-8.51%
ZIZoomInfo Technologies Inc.67.64-6.37-8.61%
RLLCFRolls-Royce Holdings plc0.0145-0.0014-8.81%
OPENOpendoor Technologies Inc.16.71-1.64-8.94%
SSentinelOne, Inc.58.26-5.77-9.01%
DNAGinkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc.12.10-1.39-10.30%
BBYBest Buy Co., Inc.121.01-16.99-12.31%
GMEGameStop Corp.213.90-33.65-13.59%
ZMZoom Video Communications, Inc.206.64-35.64-14.71%
Source: Yahoo Finance

Other Useful Data

Source: Bank of America, Bloomberg, BLS via FRED, OECD via FRED

1 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Unemployment Rate [UNRATE], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;

2 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Consumer Price Index: Total All Items for the United States [CPALTT01USM657N], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;


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