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How to Earn Money Online?

The internet is a great leveler. It presents opportunity to everyone without discrimination. This is your stage to make it big. Do you know how to set up an online business? No? Don’t worry, we are glad you are here, reading this page on ideas to make money online. Let’s discover some real money-making opportunities that you can take advantage of today. The list below is tested and proven by many successful online marketers. Hopefully this will help you kickstart your journey to earn money online. We have included a step-by-step guide on how to start first blog to help you take the first step and establish a digital presence on internet.

Are you ready to grab the opportunity?

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Top 5 Strategies to Make Money Online (that really work)

Make Money Online Tip 1: Affiliate Marketing through Niche Blogs

Do you have experience making a blog or small sites? If you do, it’s perfect for you to venture into affiliate marketing. There are a lot of companies that need this kind of support. They need you to market their business and send them more customers.

Setting up a blog by buying a domain name and hosting space is super easy with Bluehost.

If you are going this route, make sure to find a niche that is profitable enough for your time and effort. It is important to really go through proper niche and keyword selection for a better success rate. One of the best companies to start affiliate relationship with is Amazon.com. You can easily become an Amazon Affiliate and earn money through commissions.

Other businesses such as Best Buy also run affiliate programs. A simple google search such as ‘business name + affiliate program’ will help you find out whether the businesses have affiliate programs or not.

Featured Affiliate Program Management Service: FlexOffers.com

FlexOffers.com has plenty of advertisers on their platform, spread across multiple categories such as travel, sports, credit cards, financial services etc. Their advertisement banners are ‘responsive’, the analytics is great and easy to view on dashboard. Speaking from our own experience, the customer support is great too.

If you are starting out with affiliate marketing, check them out.


How to start my first blog (Step by step Guide)

Starting a blog is easy, but you must follow a set of steps in order to properly establish the blog, get the right structure for good user experience, install good plugins to collect email address of interested readers, analyze website traffic etc. There’s a lot you can do, but let’s take one step at a time.

1. Create a Blueprint or Content Strategy

You need a plan even before you start writing your posts. Here are three basic questions you should have answers to.

make money online start a blog
What type of content will you publish?

The content should be built around a specific niche, say for example – cat owners. You can then write content such as – how to take care of a new kitten, what types of food cat the cats eat and what foods can harm them etc. You get the idea.

Who would be reading your content?

All cat owners are your target audience. You can pick a sub-category of cat owners and target just the first time cat owners for example and write content tailored to them.

What is the size of your audience?

There are some excellent paid tools such as SemRush and Ahrefs that estimate the search volume for the keywords you want to target in your niche. For beginners, a free tool such as NeilPatel UberSuggest is a good starting point. It tells the monthly search volume and the SEO (search engine optimization) difficulty – i.e. how difficult is it for a an article to compete for the keyword (there might be tens or hundreds of other sites trying to get ranked on google’s first page for the same keywords 🙂 )


2. Buy a Domain Name and Hosting Plan

make money online start a blog

You’d need an address where the readers can find you. A domain name is the web address, such as www.finpins.com that will be your website’s identity on the internet.

After buying the domain name you’d need hosting (or space on the web) where your website and all files will live. There are plenty of service providers that sell both hosting and domain names together.

BlueHost Promotions

Bundling them together could save you a few dollars! Bluehost has plans starting from $3.95/month. You can buy both – domain name and hosting with them. They also have a promotion now wherein you get a domain name free for the first year!

Simply follow the link below to explore the latest promotions and pick a plan that suits you best. For beginners, the $3.95 per month plan (Shared Hosting) would be sufficient.


SiteGround Promotions

SiteGround offers free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service on all the plans. CDNs can speed up the website substantially, resulting in great user experience. Plans start at just $6.99 per month!


HostGator Promotions

HostGator is providing a FREE domain with their hosting plans. This could mean some savings for you!


3. Follow the Steps to KickStart your Blog

After logging into Bluehost, to get started navigate to ‘My Sites’ on the left panel and follow the 10 steps below (a through j, with screenshots) to set up your website easily!

Although the demo is for Bluehost, WordPress works in similar fashion on all hosting services.

make money online with blogs

After logging into Bluehost, to get started navigate to ‘My Sites’ on the left panel and follow the 10 steps below (a through j, with screenshots) to set up your website easily!

a. Click on Create Site

make money online Bluehost Start WordPress Blog step 1

Click on Create Site

b. For quicker setup, pick ‘Start Designing’ or you can go to WordPress directly as well.

make money online Bluehost Start WordPress Blog step 2

For quicker setup, pick ‘Start Designing’ or you can go to WordPress directly as well.

c. Choose the domain name from dropdown menu. You can leave the directory field blank.

make money online Bluehost Start WordPress Blog step 3

Choose the domain name from dropdown menu. You can leave the directory field blank.

d. Choose a category for your website.

make money online Bluehost Start WordPress Blog step 4

Choose a category for your website.

e. Give your website a name.

make money online Bluehost Start WordPress Blog step 5

Give your website a name.

f. Select a Cover Image for your website.

make money online Bluehost Start WordPress Blog step 6

Select a Cover Image for your website.

g. Pick the fonts you’d like on your website

make money online Bluehost Start WordPress Blog Step 7 pick fonts

Pick the fonts you’d like on your website


h. Select the colors for your website

make money online Bluehost Start WordPress Blog Step 8 select colors

Select the colors for your website

i. Pick a navigation style for website. Basically where the menu goes, where the sidebar goes etc.

Bluehost Start WordPress Blog Step 9 pick navigation style

Pick a navigation style for website. Basically where the menu goes, where the sidebar goes etc.

j. After these steps your blog is almost ready. Hit complete and wait for WordPress installation to finish. It might take a couple of minutes.

Bluehost Start WordPress Blog Step 10 wait for installation

After these steps your blog is almost ready. Hit complete and wait for WordPress installation to finish. It might take a couple of minutes.

Congratulations! You have set up your WordPress Website. Now it’s time to start building content!


How to Earn Money Online Through My Blog

Two popular methods to earn money through blogs are the following:

  • Serve ads on website. This requires significant traffic before it becomes profitable.
  • Promote relevant products and services using affiliate links. If your readers trust you, they are more likely to buy something you recommend.

But, before you earn money, you would need traffic on your site. There are multiple factors that go into google recommending a website on its first page of search results. Learning about SEO or Search Engine Optimization will be very beneficial for any online business or blog owner.

Focus on delivering a good user experience, and your visitors will stay on your page longer and may even recommend to their friends!


Make Money Online Tip 2: Earn Money Online Through E-Commerce or Drop-shipping

If affiliate marketing is not that appealing to you, you can take your online presence it to a higher level. Create or procure some products and sell them online for a margin. You can launch an eCommerce site where you have better control of how much you are going to earn each time you make a sale.

Launching and building an eCommerce site is not that difficult nowadays because of managed platforms such as Shopify. Even with limited computer skills and minimal technical knowledge, you can set up your online Shopify store.

The Shopify platform is very easy to use and navigate. You will not have a hard time with it. In just a few hours, you can figure out how to make a site live and running. Create an online account with Shopify and start a drop-shipping store in a few clicks. Drop-shipping is a cool business concept for people who do not want to store any inventory. The customer places an order on your website, you ‘forward’ the order to your supplier, the supplier directly sends the product to your customer. You get to make a margin in between!

There are three approaches you can take for setting up an e-commerce or drop-ship store.

  • Learn how to set up a Shopify Store
  • See how to set up an e-commerce store on WordPress using plugins
  • Explore how to set up a drop-shipping store on WordPress using plugins

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin for e-commerce and drop-shipping applications.

Make Money Online Tip 3. Earn Money Through Online Courses

Online Course is a very good opportunity that you can dive into if you are capable of creating informative content and bundling it into a course that people would be interested in. Your course can be made available through a subscription service wherein users or members pay a certain amount of money on a per course or monthly basis. Subscription service is really good because it can give you a passive and stable income once you have established your customer base. Building courses require a lot of effort upfront, but once courses are ready, they can be monetized for a long long time.

Make Money Online Tip 4. Offer Your Services on Internet to Make Money Online

Assess your skills – what are the things that you are really good at and what are the services that you can comfortably offer in the market? If you are good at web programming, you can use those skills to make a lot of money. A lot of people start their businesses and need web programmers to make customized websites. Considering this, a lot of those business owners could take advantage of your services. Aside from web programming, there are other skills that you can utilize to make money such as designing, writing, logo making, marketing, and many more.


You can list your services on marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork and find customers.

Make Money Online Tip 5. (Advanced) Build a Digital Start-Up and Make it Big

Are you the ‘big idea person’ in your group? Do you have that wonderful business idea that can be converted into a big business? Do you have the skills to execute your ideas and get the plan implemented? If you do, you can start an online company to sell your product or service, do some user testing, and eventually seek funding from investors.

Showing investors that consumers are willing to pay for your services, you can get investors to fund your future growth plans. There are a lot of rich people who are willing to invest in small businesses that have the potential to become huge and bring great returns on investment. You can offer some equity (your company’s shares) in lieu of capital to grow your business. It’s a win-win for you as well as the investor.

This is not as easy as it sounds, because the investors would seek a certain level of credibility (educational background, prior experience, uniqueness and feasibility of idea execution etc.) before putting a single cent into your startup. Since majority of the business ideas fail, investors can be very picky about the business idea + person behind the idea.

In conclusion

These are just the top 5 options or money-making strategies that you can start with. As you continue your online business, you would surely discover a lot more to progress and get better at this game. In the online world, change is a constant, that’s why you need to continuously improve. You need to stay up-to-date with trends in Search Engine’s algorithm, continually analyze your competition, and consistently stay ahead of them.

Scale Up and Take Your Money Making Venture to The Next Level

scale up your business to new heights

Getting started is just the first step. Once you have accomplished it, you must yearn for more and look into the aspects that you can do in order to get to the next level. You should know what are the marketable skills that you can focus on to stay on top. Here’s a short list for you:

Keep an Eye on Market Trends

In this competitive environment, having just a great business idea isn’t enough to earn money online, you need to know how to attract people to your business website so that you can sell them services and products. SEO and marketing are very important so it’s good if you can cultivate your skills related to these. This is a big factor for your business, start-up, or offering to be always in demand. If you know the recent changes in market trends, you know how to ace it all the time.


Improve Your Communication Skills

Writing is needed in many aspects, and they always say that content is king. Improve your writing skills to communicate better and persuade your customers will serve you well in the long run. Excellent communication skills can attract more and more buyers to your services, enhancing your potential to earn money online manifold.

Develop Customer Relations and Problem-Solving Skills

Customer is the ONLY boss in the world of business. They are the most important people for you. You should know how to treat them well, how to keep them happy, and how to DELIGHT them. With more consistent customers, you get a steady stream of revenue. A delighted customer will also do free ‘word of mouth’ marketing for you. There’s nothing better than that!

Don’t procrastinate, get started on your venture today!



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