Invest in Apple? Or buy iPhone?

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invest in apple

Invest in Apple? Or Buy iPhone?

When Steve Jobs launched the revolutionary iPhone in June 2007, thousands flocked outside the stores to get their hands on the new multi-touch capable smartphone. What did you do in 2007? – did you spend as a consumer and buy an iPhone or invest in Apple and buy Apple stock?

To be honest, iPhones have changed the world, in a way. What iPhone has also done is that it has changed Apple, the company itself. Launch of iPhone was a historic moment for the company.


invest in apple stock

Let’s See the Rise of Apple Since the Launch of First iPhone.

AAPL stock price

Apple Stock Price Growth: From $18.90 in July 2007 to $317.70 in Jan 2020

AAPL stock price

Apple Stock Price Growth: From $18.90 in July 2007 to $317.70 in Jan 2020

From $18.90 in July 2007 to $317.70 in January 2020, that is a 16.8 fold growth for the Apple investors! Phenomenal.

If a family of four decided to get iPhones at that time, they would have shelled out $599 * 4 + taxes for the 8 GB model. The total amount would be almost $2600.

If they had invested the $2600 in AAPL stock in July 2007 instead of purchasing 4 iPhones, their investment would have been worth $43,704 in Jan 2020.

UPDATE: As of October 20, 2020, Year to Date, Apple stock has risen another 54% and reached a valuation of $2 TRILLION by market cap.

The $2600 investment in July 2007 would be worth $58,200 in Oct 2020


buy Apple stock Oct 2020

You can still get started and invest in Apple now!

Check out some great resources on Apple website for investors available here.

You can find all relevant information regarding new product launches, financials such as earnings reports & balance sheets, the breakdown of revenue by product and services etc. The full suite of information is readily available for free to all investors.



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