beginners essential guide to personal finance

Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance

Why Does Personal Finance Matter? Simply put, developing a better understanding of money management, debt, investment, cash flow is essential. The world requires monetary transaction for almost everything – food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, entertainment, travelling. No matter what your goals […]

are americans good at personal finance

Are Americans Good at Personal Finance?

Americans lead the world in many fields, but are Americans good at personal finance? Why is there so much credit card debt? Let’s take a look at some facts and numbers related to the state of personal finance in the […]

gamestonk samestop stonk

GameStonk – A Short Story on GameStop

What Is GameStop? GameStop is an American retailer that sells video games, gaming consoles, merchandise, and other consumer electronics. Founded in Dallas, Texas, the company has over 5000 stores worldwide. If you have lived in the United States, most likely […]

how does stock market work

How The Stock Market Works

How Does The Stock Market Work? Have you ever wondered ‘How does the Stock Market work? Who enables these buy and sell orders? Investors pay a particular price to buy a share, but do you know how the stock price […]

what is insurance

What is Insurance?

What is Insurance? What Insurance Should I Buy? Insurance is a very effective method of risk management and mitigation. An insurance is a contract between an individual or entity and an insurance company or a financial institution. You can protect […]