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About Us

About us: I am Sumeet, and I started this website Finpins.com – be finlightened (finlightened, combination of words – finance and enlightenment) in 2019 out of a passion to empower more people with the right knowledge on money.

The more I talk to people, the more I am shocked to learn the state of financial awareness. I reflected back on my own life and realized that there’s little to no formal education provided in schools (and even colleges) regarding apparently the most important aspect of an adult life – finance! Holding on to credit card debt at 18% interest rate while keeping cash in savings account at 0.01% ! Not putting money in retirement account when employer gives away free money match! It’s appalling! Everyone’s situation is different, and for some it may be difficult to do things differently than what they are doing right now. That’s fair, I understand that and respect that. But, I’m confident that a few minor tweaks in money management strategy can go a long way.


I was lucky enough to know about resources early on in my life and initially self-taught finance to me through trusted online resources, and later took on college level courses in economics and finance, and later added to that with an MBA with a focus on finance at Emory University.

Finance, the word by itself, scares away a lot of people as being quantitative subject. It doesn’t have to be scary and in most cases people need to understand just a few basic concepts to make 90-95% of their life’s decisions. Those decisions can pay off in the long run. This is an attempt by me to make finance easy to understand and implement. I have tried my best to cut out the jargon and not make it look like a text book.


About 50% of adults shy away from investing because they fear losing money or are unaware of the process of investing. The fear is justified, as investing involves risk of losing money. But the same fear keeps people away from investing and instead people hold on to the cash for decades, eroding the monetary value by 2-3% every year due to inflation.

That’s why I started Finlightened – to enable people to make informed decisions. Knowledge is power and everyone should weigh the pros and cons of every money related decision. I hope this helps a few thousand people on their journey called life.

Please take a moment to see how much you can score on the financial literacy quiz. Can you score 5/5 on it?

I’m rooting for you.



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