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Updated: July 21, 2021 by FinPins

You don’t need a PhD. in finance to navigate through the complex money and personal finance matters in life. You can learn and get good quality finance education on FinPins to make informed decision and secure your financial future. Let’s start taking a few steps in the right direction of financial enlightenment.

Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance

10 Steps to Manage Money Better

FinPins: 4 Pins to Keep on Your Personal Finance Board

Why the name FinPins?

Successful leaders always have their goals defined and have their eyes fixated on the goals. They prioritize and constantly remind themselves of the goals. Many of them use simple yet powerful methods such as writing the goals down in a pocket diary, on a whiteboard, or on sticky notes. When it comes to important items, I write them on pieces of paper and pin them on a board. For a successful financial life, here are the four pins I have on my board.

Pin 1. Cash Flow Management and Budgeting

Tracking the flow of money coming and money going out on a monthly basis is a great habit. Analyzing and controlling the cash flow through proper budgeting is an even better habit!

Pin 2. Investment

Making regular investments can build great wealth over time. A diversified portfolio with multiple assets built on a strong foundation can give financial security for years to come. You can start with stocks, bonds and ETFs then level up your game to stock options, if you feel confident about it.

Pin 3. Risk Management and Insurance

We don’t want anything bad happen to us, nonetheless we should have risk mitigation plans in place to cut down the severity of a bad event. Having the right insurance coverage helps us achieve that.

Pin 4. Financial Independence and Retirement

Every drop counts when it comes to preparing for financial independence and retirement. The earlier we strategize and start contributing, the more time the nest gets to grow.

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